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So  probably won't update any art until December.
Join me,  Tia Korger for another drawing sessions at 4:00 Pm EST.
Hey guys. I'm drawing a magical girl over at
Its my first time using it, so I'm still working out the kinks.

EDIT: I'm taking a break. Be back in an hour. :heart:
EDIT: Break Over
EDIT: Other than the lag, it went pretty well. Thanks guys!
In fact, it's been over a year!
Many things have kept me from DA, personal reasons, family matters, my laptop dying, laziness, fretting over not finishing request or that zine (the last bit was the biggest let down on my part).
So I'm wiping the slat clean and going to try to update semi regularly again. This is my formal apology for not updating and not fufilling any request that I may have promised a year ago.